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For the past couple of months I’ve really had the urge to color my hair. As you can see from the pic above my hair is dark brown. The question is whether or not I should go through with it. I’m scared ya’ll. Ya see, I’ve never had any type of chemical in my hair. Ever. In life. I have “virgin hair”. I have no idea how my hair would react to color. About 2 weeks ago I had made up my mind that I was gonna take the plunge and do it, but then I saw this video on YouTube that changed my whole perspective. If you’re a naturalista more than likely you look at tutorials on YouTube. You know Whitney? Better known as Naptural85? Well she recently colored her hair and last week she uploaded a video on the pros and cons, that she’s experienced, on coloring her hair. If you wanna check it out here it is:

First off can I say how gorgeous her hair is! I wish my hair was as thick as hers. I appreciated how honest she was in that video. If you didn’t watch it here are the pros and cons that she brought out about coloring you hair:


  • Instant gratification/satisfaction– This one is pretty self-explanatory. Doing something you’ve always wanted to do gives you a sense of satisfaction!
  • Learning about your hair– She brought out that when you color your hair you learn things about it that you didn’t know before. She explained that you’re dealing with a different texture of hair now, so you have to relearn how to take care of it. I had never thought about that before. I just figured it would be a different color and that I would treat it like I treat my hair now. Apparently that’s not the case……

Surprisingly those were the only two pros she had on coloring your hair. The rest were cons……


  • Completely different hair– As I mentioned in the last PRO, the video brought out that you’re dealing with different hair textures. She compared it to dealing with transitioning hair. Like I said before, I’ve never had any type of chemical in my hair so I don’t know how it is dealing with transitioning hair. Some of my friends have transitioned and from their experience I’ve heard that it’s a headache. All I know is one texture and I’m used to dealing with that one texture. I’m not sure that I’m up for that challenge.
  • Thinning hair– Whitney brought out in the video that after she colored her hair she noticed a considerable difference in the thickness of her hair that had the color. That girl has A LOT of hair and it’s very thick, so for her to notice a difference really stood out to me. I don’t have the thickest hair (it’s not thin but it’s not super thick) and I don’t want my hair to be any thinner than it is. I’m not sure that I’m ready to give up the thickness of my hair just to put some color in it.
  • Dryness– A comparison was made in the video between an uncolored portion of her hair and a colored portion of her hair. The part that wasn’t colored was very shiny and you could very well see how moisturized it was. The colored portion had received the same TLC but it still looked dry. I’ve heard before that when you color you hair you have to moisturize it more and take extra care of it to keep it healthy. There is definitely room for improvement as far as me taking care of my hair NOW so I can only imagine how neglected my hair would feel if I colored it.
  • Patience and Commitement– Yeeeaaaaa so I’m not the most patient person. At. All. Having the patience and commitment to learn about my hair and find things that work…..not sure I can deal with that.
  • Hard to get heatless styles– Because you’re dealing with different textures, heatless styles, like twist outs or bantu knot outs, can come out completely different. You can have two different curl patterns because you’re dealing with two different types of hair. That would be super frustrating for me. I already get extra irritated when my hair doesn’t come out right so I can only imagine how annoyed I would be if I colored it and it was acting a fool.

After all of that….I’m still on the fence lol. At the end of the video she said that she doesn’t see herself dying her hair again. I don’t know ladies. What do you think?


  • April Grant
    Posted at 11:58h, 20 January Reply

    Why not get pieces to clip in of a different color. I either do that or weave in a different color. At most, I’ve put a cellophane on my hair which only tints it, doesn’t color it totally.

    • Darrica Jackson
      Posted at 12:00h, 20 January Reply

      I never thought about getting clip ins of different colors. I might try that. I’ve never heard of cellophane before. What color did you tint your hair to?

  • Amber Dorsey
    Posted at 13:11h, 20 January Reply

    so I’ve been coloring my hair for years and am now on the back end of a complete color grow out. from two years ago. it’s been a long process and because I was also dealing with super healthy postpartum hair it wasn’t the best timing as it’s been a chore to get it healthy again. the cons are definitely a deterrent for hair coloring but there are alternatives for adding color (chalks, temporary paint) and even natural dyes that don’t have the usual harsh ingredients. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll never color my hair again but that I won’t be coloring my whole head. Maybe just a few highlights or fun color on the tips, that way it can easily be managed as it grows out!

    • Darrica Jackson
      Posted at 13:14h, 20 January Reply

      Thanks for this Amber! I want to dye my whole head but I’m so scared. I was thinking maybe using Shea Moisture’s dye. We’ll see though. Let me know what you decide to do as far as the highlights!

  • Alisha Lampley
    Posted at 23:11h, 20 January Reply

    I also think it makes a big difference too that she got blonde highlights versus getting different shade closer to her natural color. I know when I got bleached highlights (and I was relaxed) I could tell big time. But I’ve been using Madison Reed colors lately and love it. Since its your first time I’d def suggest seeing a professional or going with a semi permanent color. Good luck!

    • Darrica Jackson
      Posted at 23:13h, 20 January Reply

      I know she mentioned that the lighter you go the more damaging and drying it could be. I woulda light brown with some gold highlights. I think I’m just gonna for it!

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